Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just a little update~

Just to keep Keiko alive, I'm probably going to post covers every month or so, even if they are already done.
One, since I don't really have too much time to draw /sob
and two, so that she can technically still be active.  If I post them all at once, and then don't post anything for a year, then she's deemed dead.  Not that I would become THAT inactive, but it's just to be safe ^^
So there might be one or two videos up by the end of the month :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just a Campanella sketch~

Most likely going to change though...
Did this around the time She covered Campanella...
Sorry it's just a link though... Doing this on the go so I don't forget haha

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Macaron cover -Keiko-

Listen to Keiko's cover of Macaron!

wat r u doing

I'm sorry
I had been so inactive for so long that I just suddenly had a desire to keep doing UTAU covers.
If I wasn't doing anything today/tomorrow I would do more.

I think four is enough for now.
Maybe next week I can upload some videos? ifihavetime/shot

Monday, November 12, 2012

Last Battle cover- Keiko and Taiyo-

Listen to Last Battle covered by Kandakai Keiko and Raikone Taiyo!

Last Stage MP3
Last Battle MP3

Ahh they both had to sing low!!
They do pretty well though... Especially Taiyo.. I felt bad that she had to sing all those low notes ;_;

I'm gonna see if I can work on a Macaron cover..

Last Stage cover -Keiko-

Listen to Keiko's cover of Last Stage!

I'm working on a cover of Last Battle also.  I'm gong to use Taiyo Raikone for Miku's part ^^
I'm really excited to use another person's UTAUloid ;w;
I hope I don't mess it up haha

I was actually supposed to do Last Battle because one of my friends wanted me to cover it, but I'm really picky about order, so I had to do Last Stage first :'D

a;dlkfjas;dfjk her voice is so soft though..

I mean, I know I geared her to be a gentle type
But hey, even with Daybreak she sounded pretty strong
And Setsuna was a good song that she covered too
Her voice seemed to be strong there..
Okay I'm done talking about her xD

/rolls away

OH I'll give the download link to both songs once I finish Last Battle~

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Campanella cover -Keiko-

Listen to Keiko's cover of Campanella!

So I thought that I was going to have to give up on UTAU completely
Until I decided to see if there was an UTAU program compatible with the Mac
And I found it ;w;

Yes, I now use UTAU-synth
It's a little.. new. Different.
I'm not exactly used to it since I'm used to the WinUTAU, but what can I do?
This is the only alternative I have..
Well, unless I want to use the bootcamp on the Mac.. but that takes too long xD

So I'm kind of back in business.  I still have a lot of things that I have to do outside of UTAU and I can't churn out music and videos often, but this is better than nothing!

Hopefully a video will be up soon~

If you want the MP3...

I fixed up some sounds in Keiko's voicebank and edited the oto, plus added sounds.
So I think it's time to release an ACT 1.1
 Please use that ACT if you plan on using her ^^

Thank you~

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ahhh Fan art for Keiko and Zane! and other news

And it's the first legitimate fan art ;w;
By that I mean, somebody drew them for me because she thought they looked cute!
I mean, I've had Keiko drawn before but that was mostly because I requested it =w=
But ahh I love this girl, her art is always amazing!

giftie thingy by *Kickchuu on deviantART

She redrew the "Cendrillon" cover
And it looks beautiful! 
I'm really happy right now ;w;
And in other news...
My computer is having... a hard time.. working.
I think something is wrong with it.....
So unfortunately, there won't be too many updates?  Also because of the fact that I have a lot of homework, that doesn't help.
But right now... er.. things are going on with my school. So if I finish all of my homework fast enough than I can get on to attempting to work UTAU again.
I'm sorry if this inconveniences or irritates people.. /rolls away/

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


So Zane is appearing again :3
I'm still working on his OTO so he sounds a little... off?
Compared to Keiko's smoothness he sounds a little weird ^^;
But I'm working on him ever so slowly xD

And there is an announcement that I need to make.
Due to the fact that my computer may freak out and shut down forever on me any day now
Covers probably won't appear for a while.
And also, I need to work on school now.. since it's drawing ever so near T_T

So.. if I can get covers out, I'll try my best!
Please be patient~

± (Plus Minus)

Another post ^^

But Keiko's voice and this song sounds so nice and gentle x3

a;lsdfkjaf I really wanna make a billion covers right now xD


So finally an upload huh?
Got to making that art yup yup yup

And I like this genre for her...
And I think I'm going to be a butt
and not give out an MP3 unless someone asks for it now |D

Monday, July 30, 2012


± (Plus Minus) (covered by Keiko)

CENDRILLON (covered by Zane and Keiko)

Zane actually sounds like a guy in my opinion TwT I always juggle with my feelings on his voice xD

 Yep, early listens because I like to make songs, not videos |D I hope you like them!

I'll get to making videos soon.  But just so it is known...

She was missing some sounds, and I re-otoed some little things TwT

I was so happy with her.


AND ZANE, YOU ARE NO BETTER.  Seriously, sometimes this stuff is a little irritating, but what can you do? :3

But for Zane's case, he isn't anywhere near finished.  I still need to re-oto him (so that it's better.. cuz it kinda sucks right now. ) and make his profile picture and concept art and ughhh I can't draw guys xD  So in Cendrillon Keiko's beautiful smoothness and stuff(she's otoed better xD ) kinda overpowers him a bit.  I tried to get it to work out but ehhh...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Early Listen: S E T S U N A covered by Keiko

I call it an early listen because there is no video for it xD

But here you go! S E T S U N A early listen
I hope you like it!
I'll get to making a some point...

And I really like her voice in songs like this!  I think this might be a good genre for her xD

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012


So I've decided that I'm going to try and release her on July 17.
Anybody who's watching out for, that's when her voice bank will be available to the public.

My baaaaby TwT
[UTAU] Tokyo Teddy Bear [Kandakai Keiko]

Tokyo  Teddy Bear covered by Kandakai Keiko.

Not the best art work I've done... but I think that the art for this was hard xD
 I used special effects for the audio in this :D
Some of it still sounds a little weird though, just because I did not tinker with her voicebank when I covered the song.
..oh man Keiko you look like you are on drugs or something... xD

I hope you like it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[UTAU] Virgin Suicides [Katsuya Zane]

Zane's second song!
And his voicebank is no where near finished, if anyone is wondering xD
I really wanted to cover this song, so here it is!

I hope you like it!
[UTAU] Hello Again [Keiko Kandakai and Zane Katsuya]
 The first duet with Keiko and Zane!
I think that they sound nice together :3

*this was covered before Keiko's voicebank was tweaked, so some of it may sound a little weird.*

I hope you enjoy it!
So.... had a little break from UTAU, meaning that, obviously, the release of Keiko's voicebank was delayed.  Sorry about that!

But now that I am back into UTAU, I am working hard on a lot of covers.  I do plan on having her voicebank released by the end of the week.
I need to figure out how to do that still (with the zippering and such) but I will try my hardest to have the voicebank available within the next week or so. Most likely at the end of this week.

But all of the tweaking is done for the most part.  Just small things, such as a picture and editing the text for the voicebank, still need to be worked on. 

Just a quick update~

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I've been working on Keiko's voicebank for a couple days now.  Really working on it.
She is almost ready for download!  Just a heads up to anybody who is interested.  She will probably be available within the next week or so.

I'm really nervous about her oto.ini being incorrect or something like that.. But I've had her sing numerous songs and I've fixed the oto.ini as I've gone along.  Plus, I've looked at tutorials that people have suggested to me and that I've seen pop up as I go about my business.

She just covered Daybreak (which was originally covered by Hatsune Miku), which is going to be her release song, and she sounded beautiful.  I think this is the first song she's covered where I didn't cringe at something going wrong... =w=
Which is a good thing.

I think she's almost ready :)
Just have to do a few finishing touches to this blog and other things.

I am thinking about changing her design slightly though.
She would still have the hat and the same hair style and eye style.  I was just thinking about changing her clothes slightly.
[UTAU] What's COLOR? [Katsuya Zane]

What's COLOR covered by Zane.
 Zane is an UTAUloid created by me that is currently being worked on.  He does not have a voicebank available for download quiet yet.

I hope you like it!
[UTAU] Little Wish [Kandakai Keiko]

Little Wish covered by Keiko.

I hope you like it!
[UTAU] Nameless Song [Kandakai Keiko]

Nameless Song covered by Keiko.

I hope you like it!
[UTAU] Abstract Nonsense [Kandakai Keiko]

Abstract Nonsense covered by Keiko.

I hope you like it!
[UTAU] Melody.exe.... [Kandakai Keiko]

Keiko sings Melody.exe
Another early video that Keiko sang in, so there are still some things that needed to be fixed....

I hope you like it!
[UTAU] Matryoshka [Kandakai Keiko and Naoto Rain]

This is the first video that Keiko sang in.  Therefore, this is her original voicebank.  The other UTAUloid in the video was her brother.  Unfortunately, I lost both voicebanks because of technical issues =w=

I hope you like it!

 Hello!  I am redwolf21 (on deviantArt) or turknuckles21 (on Youtube).

This is the blog of the UTAUloid, Keiko Kandakai.  I am her creator.

Any videos that she is featured in will be uploaded to this blog.  Also, any announcements regarding her will be posted here.
Furthermore, there are other UTAUloids that are in the process of being created.  This blog will also be their home.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to message me at deviantart

Or message me at Youtube

Or leave a message on this blog.

If you ever decide to use Keiko, please message me!  I would love to see your work.  This includes art work also.

Thank you!