Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just a Campanella sketch~

Most likely going to change though...
Did this around the time She covered Campanella...
Sorry it's just a link though... Doing this on the go so I don't forget haha

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Macaron cover -Keiko-

Listen to Keiko's cover of Macaron!

wat r u doing

I'm sorry
I had been so inactive for so long that I just suddenly had a desire to keep doing UTAU covers.
If I wasn't doing anything today/tomorrow I would do more.

I think four is enough for now.
Maybe next week I can upload some videos? ifihavetime/shot

Monday, November 12, 2012

Last Battle cover- Keiko and Taiyo-

Listen to Last Battle covered by Kandakai Keiko and Raikone Taiyo!

Last Stage MP3
Last Battle MP3

Ahh they both had to sing low!!
They do pretty well though... Especially Taiyo.. I felt bad that she had to sing all those low notes ;_;

I'm gonna see if I can work on a Macaron cover..

Last Stage cover -Keiko-

Listen to Keiko's cover of Last Stage!

I'm working on a cover of Last Battle also.  I'm gong to use Taiyo Raikone for Miku's part ^^
I'm really excited to use another person's UTAUloid ;w;
I hope I don't mess it up haha

I was actually supposed to do Last Battle because one of my friends wanted me to cover it, but I'm really picky about order, so I had to do Last Stage first :'D

a;dlkfjas;dfjk her voice is so soft though..

I mean, I know I geared her to be a gentle type
But hey, even with Daybreak she sounded pretty strong
And Setsuna was a good song that she covered too
Her voice seemed to be strong there..
Okay I'm done talking about her xD

/rolls away

OH I'll give the download link to both songs once I finish Last Battle~

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Campanella cover -Keiko-

Listen to Keiko's cover of Campanella!

So I thought that I was going to have to give up on UTAU completely
Until I decided to see if there was an UTAU program compatible with the Mac
And I found it ;w;

Yes, I now use UTAU-synth
It's a little.. new. Different.
I'm not exactly used to it since I'm used to the WinUTAU, but what can I do?
This is the only alternative I have..
Well, unless I want to use the bootcamp on the Mac.. but that takes too long xD

So I'm kind of back in business.  I still have a lot of things that I have to do outside of UTAU and I can't churn out music and videos often, but this is better than nothing!

Hopefully a video will be up soon~

If you want the MP3...

I fixed up some sounds in Keiko's voicebank and edited the oto, plus added sounds.
So I think it's time to release an ACT 1.1
 Please use that ACT if you plan on using her ^^

Thank you~