Sunday, June 24, 2012

I've been working on Keiko's voicebank for a couple days now.  Really working on it.
She is almost ready for download!  Just a heads up to anybody who is interested.  She will probably be available within the next week or so.

I'm really nervous about her oto.ini being incorrect or something like that.. But I've had her sing numerous songs and I've fixed the oto.ini as I've gone along.  Plus, I've looked at tutorials that people have suggested to me and that I've seen pop up as I go about my business.

She just covered Daybreak (which was originally covered by Hatsune Miku), which is going to be her release song, and she sounded beautiful.  I think this is the first song she's covered where I didn't cringe at something going wrong... =w=
Which is a good thing.

I think she's almost ready :)
Just have to do a few finishing touches to this blog and other things.

I am thinking about changing her design slightly though.
She would still have the hat and the same hair style and eye style.  I was just thinking about changing her clothes slightly.
[UTAU] What's COLOR? [Katsuya Zane]

What's COLOR covered by Zane.
 Zane is an UTAUloid created by me that is currently being worked on.  He does not have a voicebank available for download quiet yet.

I hope you like it!
[UTAU] Little Wish [Kandakai Keiko]

Little Wish covered by Keiko.

I hope you like it!
[UTAU] Nameless Song [Kandakai Keiko]

Nameless Song covered by Keiko.

I hope you like it!
[UTAU] Abstract Nonsense [Kandakai Keiko]

Abstract Nonsense covered by Keiko.

I hope you like it!
[UTAU] Melody.exe.... [Kandakai Keiko]

Keiko sings Melody.exe
Another early video that Keiko sang in, so there are still some things that needed to be fixed....

I hope you like it!
[UTAU] Matryoshka [Kandakai Keiko and Naoto Rain]

This is the first video that Keiko sang in.  Therefore, this is her original voicebank.  The other UTAUloid in the video was her brother.  Unfortunately, I lost both voicebanks because of technical issues =w=

I hope you like it!

 Hello!  I am redwolf21 (on deviantArt) or turknuckles21 (on Youtube).

This is the blog of the UTAUloid, Keiko Kandakai.  I am her creator.

Any videos that she is featured in will be uploaded to this blog.  Also, any announcements regarding her will be posted here.
Furthermore, there are other UTAUloids that are in the process of being created.  This blog will also be their home.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to message me at deviantart

Or message me at Youtube

Or leave a message on this blog.

If you ever decide to use Keiko, please message me!  I would love to see your work.  This includes art work also.

Thank you!